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Die Universität Bern ist eine öffentliche Universität in der Stadt Bern, Schweiz. Sie wurde 1834 gegründet und ist die drittgrößte Universität der Schweiz. Die Universität bietet eine breite Palette von Studiengängen in den Geisteswissenschaften, Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Recht, Wirtschaft und Sozialwissenschaften an. Die Universität Bern hat eine starke internationale Ausrichtung und ist bekannt für ihre Forschung in Bereichen wie Klimawissenschaften, Weltraumforschung, Medizin, und den Geisteswissenschaften.

The University of Bern operates at three levels: university, faculties and institutes. Other organizational units include interfaculty and general university units. The university’s highest governing body is the Senate, which is responsible for issuing statutes, rules and regulations. Can l purchase a realistic Universität Bern degree certificate online?

Directly answerable to the Senate is the University Board of Directors, the governing body for university management and coordination. The board comprises the rector, the vice-rectors and the administrative director. The structures and functions of the University Board of Directors and the other organizational units are regulated by the Universities Act. The University of Bern had 19,297 students in 2022. Of these, 42 percent (8,056) were registered in bachelor programs and 24 percent (4,610) in master’s programs, 17 percent (3,371) were doctoral students, and another 17 percent (3,260) were enrolled in continuing education programs.

There were 1,667 bachelor’s degree graduation, 1,603 master’s degree graduations and 725 PhD student graduations in 2021. For some time now, the university has had more female than male students. At the end of 2022, women accounted for 59% of students. Buy degree certificate, # buy diploma, buy Doctor’s degree. Get Bachelor’s degree, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma. Buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy degree certificate, buy diploma certificate.

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The University of Bern does not have a single large campus on the edge of the city, but has consistently pursued the principle of a university in the city. Most institutes and clinics are still in the Länggasse, the traditional university district adjoining the city centre, within walking distance of one another.

The Faculty of Theology and various institutes in the Faculty of Humanities are now housed in an old chocolate factory (the Unitobler), and in 2005 the former women’s hospital was refurbished to serve as a university centre for institutes in the Faculty of Law and Department of Economics (the UniS). The vonRoll site, another former factory building, is in the process of being refurbished to house the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Department of Social Sciences.


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