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Politecnico di Milano is a prestigious technical university located in Milan, Italy. It is known for its high-quality education in engineering, architecture, and design. The university has a strong reputation for research and innovation, and its graduates are highly sought after by employers in various industries. Politecnico di Milano offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as opportunities for international exchange and collaboration.

The Polytechnic University of Milan was founded on 29 November 1863 by Francesco Brioschi, secretary of the Ministry of Education and rector of the University of Pavia. It is the oldest university in Milan. Its original name was Istituto Tecnico Superiore (“Higher Technical Institute”) and only Civil and Industrial Engineering were taught. Architecture, the second main line of study at the university, was introduced in 1865 in cooperation with the Brera Academy.

There were only 30 students admitted in the first year. Over the decades, most of the students were men: the first female graduate from the university was in 1913. Can l purchase a realistic Politecnico di Milano degree certificate online?

In 1927 the university moved to piazza Leonardo da Vinci, in the district now known as Città studi (City of Studies), where the university’s main facilities are still today. At the time, it was named Regio Politecnico (“Royal Polytechnic”). The word Regio was removed as Italy was proclaimed a republic at the end of World War II. The historical building still in use today was designed and built by engineers and architects all graduated from the university itself.

The present logo, based on a detail of the preparatory sketch of Raphael’s School of Athens, was adopted in 1942. Until then, there was no official logo for the institution. Buy degree certificate, # buy diploma, buy Doctor’s degree. Get Bachelor’s degree, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma. Buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy degree certificate, buy diploma certificate.

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In 1954, the first European centre of electronic computation was opened at the university by Gino Cassinis and Ercole Bottani. In 1963 Giulio Natta received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on crystalline polymers, polypropylene in particular. In 1977, the satellite Sirio, jointly developed by the university and other companies, was launched.

Since the end of the 1980s, the university has begun a process of territorial expansion that would have resulted in the opening of its satellite campuses in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. A university program in industrial design was started in 1993. In 2000, the university’s faculty of design was created with new courses in undergraduate and postgraduate programs of graphic & visual, fashion and interior design along with the already existent industrial design.


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