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Massey University is a university in New Zealand, with campuses in Palmerston North, Albany, and Wellington. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including business, science, humanities, and creative arts. The university is known for its research and innovation, and it has a strong focus on practical, hands-on learning. Massey University has a diverse student body and a strong international presence, with a focus on preparing students for the global workforce.

With the demise of the University of New Zealand in 1961, it became Massey College, and associated closer with Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) until full autonomy could be gained. In 1960 a branch of VUW, the Palmerston North University College (PNUC), was established in Palmerston North to teach humanities and social studies subjects as well as provide distance education, known then as extramural study.

On 1 January 1963 PNUC amalgamated with Massey College to form Massey University College of Manawatu. The Massey University Act 1963 granted Massey full autonomy and university status with degree conferring powers from 1 January 1964, as well as a new name, Massey University of Manawatu. Its present name was adopted in 1966. Can l purchase a realistic Massey University degree certificate online?

Inaugurated with a tree planting ceremony in 1993, classes began at Massey’s Albany campus that same year. Buy degree certificate, # buy diploma, buy Doctor’s degree. Get Bachelor’s degree, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma. Buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy degree certificate, buy diploma certificate.

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In December 2010 Massey announced that the Wellington campus would close its School of Engineering and Advanced Technology the next month. Students were offered places at either the Albany or Manawatū campuses with compensation, but those who could not make the move and chose to undertake their degree elsewhere were given no compensation, and only a few papers were able to be cross-credited.

The College of Health was launched in February 2013 with three broad goals: promoting health and wellbeing, disease and injury prevention and protecting people and communities from environmental risks to health.

In December 2016, the Chancellor of the university, Chris Kelly, caused outrage by making several comments in a rural newspaper regarding the gender of those in the veterinarian profession. While outlining changes that were being made to the structure of the university’s veterinarian and agricultural degrees, Kelly said that more women passed the first year of the veterinarian degree “because women mature earlier than men, work hard and pass.

Whereas men find out about booze and all sorts of crazy things during their first year… That’s fine, but the problem is one woman graduate is equivalent to two-fifths of a full-time equivalent vet throughout her life because she gets married and has a family, which is normal.” These remarks caused widespread outrage, with Kelly’s apology via Twitter and Facebook doing little to calm the situation. Kelly resigned as Chancellor on 14 December 2016, and was replaced promptly by then Pro Chancellor Michael Ahie.


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