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Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is a comprehensive public university located in Carbondale in southern Illinois. It currently has more than 23,000 students on campus, including nearly 2,500 graduate students.

The school has a complete set of disciplines, with more than 100 disciplines and majors, mainly including: accounting, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agronomy, soil science, evolutionary biology, teacher education, cell biology, zoology, reading, and human resources. Management and Personnel, Public Policy and Management, Environmental Engineering, Pathology, Medical Technology, Biostatistics, Anthropology, Art History, Art and Fine Arts, Developmental Psychology, Chemical Engineering, Speech-Language Pathology, Quantitative Analysis, Mining Resources and research, astronomy, biology, landscape architecture, consumer economics, analytical chemistry, credential and information science, industrial engineering and management engineering, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, chemistry, classical literature research, cognitive science, communication and culture , Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Health Institution Management and Hospital Management, Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, Parasitology, Fisheries Research, Home Economics, Electrical Engineering, Educational Management, Educational Psychology, Mining, Meteorology, Nutrition Science, nursing, humanities, oral and dental sciences, mechanical engineering, science, health care, drama and stage arts, hearing science, communication, French, German, metallurgical engineering, photography, English, Russian, geography, Civil engineering, climatology, geology, toxicology, physics, political science, psychology, social work, sociology, Spanish, immunology, statistics, music, chemistry, biochemistry, etc. How cost to ortain a fake Southern Illinois University degree online?

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