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Monroe University was founded in 1933. Its name comes from the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe. Monroe University is an institution of higher learning and a comprehensive university approved by the relevant U.S. education department to issue master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and college diplomas.

Monroe University currently has more than 7,500 students enrolled from 75 different countries around the world. The main campus is located in the bustling Fordham Road business district in New York City. The branch where international students are located is located in beautiful New Rochelle in the north of New York City. Students can walk to The seaside is only a five-minute walk away. Monroe University is also open to most international students at its Flushing, Queens and Manhattan campuses in central New York City, as well as its St. Lucia campus. Why people would like to buy a fake Monroe College degree online?

In the past ten years, Monroe University has awarded degrees to many international students. Its excellent student service system and strong student employment guidance team have attracted many universities in my country to organize groups to study. The school has sufficient funds and awards a large number of scholarships every year to students who excel in academic fields or have marching band experience. The school’s marching band and flag dance team participate in many large-scale New York events and are the pride of New York. Students who have been awarded degrees at Monroe come from more than 70 different countries.

Monroe offers associate, undergraduate, and MBA master’s degrees based on demand in the largest job market.
Accounting: Monroe University has established an accounting major, offering associate’s (college) and bachelor’s (undergraduate) degrees. In addition to providing students with a solid financial and accounting background, it also makes full use of modern technology and computers to provide students with real-life learning. Course options include: Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA), Auditing, and more. Buy fake degree in the USA, # buy diploma in America. Get Bachelor degree online, obtain a fake American College degree. How to buy a fake degree from the USA. Where to get a fake certificate in the US

Business Management: Monroe University has established a business management major, offering associate degrees (college) and bachelor’s degrees. The Business Management major provides students with the skills to handle practical business operations. Courses are taught by company executives with rich experience in domestic and international companies in the United States. Course options include: professional or elective courses in marketing, finance, tourism management, etc.

Computer Information Systems: Monroe University has established a Computer Information Systems major, offering associate degrees (college) and bachelor’s degrees. These courses combine a balanced development of theory and practice, while focusing on skills training, such as in-demand networking (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and CISCO Certified Network Administrator), PC technician, end-user support and network development skills. Students can earn certifications in the following areas: MCSE, A+, Network+, Server+, IC3, and CCNA.
Criminal Justice: Monroe University’s associate (college) and bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree programs in criminal justice prepare students for high-paying careers in a rapidly changing and ever-changing environment, such as law enforcement, court administration, and victim advocacy. , youth counseling, correctional counseling, probation and parole, etc. Courses combine theory with practical skills and are taught by top professors in the field.


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