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Kettering University, formerly known as General Motors College and General Motors School of Engineering Management, is a science and engineering university located in Flint, Michigan, USA, awarding bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering, science, and business. Kettering University is located on the banks of the Flint River and was built on the former General Motors manufacturing site. Kettering University is named in honor of Charles Kettering, the famous American inventor and former General Motors executive. In the past century, this place has also cultivated a large number of talents in industry, commerce and other fields. Today, Kettering University has approximately 2,000 students.

The history of Kettering University is closely related to the development of the American automobile industry. When Albert Sobey founded the school as the “Automobile Trade School” on October 20, 1919, his goal was to establish a night school that would foster local industrial partnerships in Flint. In training and cultivating talents engaged in industrial undertakings. In 1923, the school was renamed Flint Institute of Technology. General Motors took over the school on July 12, 1926 and renamed it General Motors Institute of Technology. In 1932, the school’s name was simplified to General Motors Institute. I would like to buy a realistic fake Kettering University degree online.

General Motors Institute (GMI) focuses on cultivating leaders in industry and commerce (known as the West Point Military Academy in industry) and has pioneered many “firsts” in education, including a paid internship program (followed by the University of Cincinnati in 1907) development of this program), freshman manufacturing courses (Production Processes I and II), and automotive degree majors, etc. In 1945, along with the ability to award degrees, the school added a five-year thesis requirement. The first bachelor’s degree was awarded on August 26, 1946.


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