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Roehampton University is a friendly, modern public university committed to providing the best environment for learning and research. The two green campuses are located in the southwest of London, only about 20 minutes’ drive from central London.

The University of Roehampton is located in a very unique geographical location, close to the center of the international city, yet far away from the hustle and bustle and located on a beautiful and quiet green field. The 1,000-hectare Richmond Park is adjacent to the university. Can l obtain fake Roehampton University degree and transcript?

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Students can not only appreciate the prosperity of an international metropolis, but also complete their studies in a quiet and safe environment. Like many cosmopolitan cities, London is filled with a variety of job opportunities. Whether international students are working part-time while studying, or seeking to gain long-term international work experience in the UK after completing their studies, London provides them with countless opportunities and possibilities.

Since its enrollment in 1841, the University of Roehampton has experienced decades of changes in the education industry, but it has always maintained an excellent teaching tradition. The university has four colleges, namely the College of Business and Social Sciences, the College of Arts, the College of Education, and the College of Humanities and Life Sciences. The university currently has nearly 9,000 students studying different academic courses, of which nearly 900 are international students from more than 100 different countries. There are currently about 60 Chinese students studying in the school. This provides Chinese students with a truly international learning environment.
“The Sunday Times University Guide” commented: In the field of research, Roehampton University has quickly jumped to the forefront of modern universities.


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